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Martial arts to feel good!

Thanks to a fun learning process, prepare the white, yellow, orange and green belts of waryu Ju-jitsu for your first steps in martial arts:

  • Learn self-defense

  • Get back in shape

  • Take confidence in yourself

Choose a schedule  and book a trial lesson

Practice and strengthen your mind!

You have reached the rank of blue belt, follow this program to obtain the black belt:

  • Refine the dynamics of your technical gesture

  • Practice Strength of Mind in Technique (Kime)

  • Develop yourself physically and mentally 


Deepen then master the martial arts to master your life!

Practice the richness and variety of grades above the black belt and realize who you are:

Through work, self-sacrifice, regularity in training and technical mastery, the ego is gradually put aside to give way to the development of the vital force (different from the muscular or mental force) often felt, for example, when you are in the grip of the survival instinct.

  • Practice the samurai swords and the principles that flow from them with bare hands

  • Master the technique

  • Develop your life force

Come ! It's going to be awesome !

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