21-22.11.15 Waryu Dojo

This weekend held an internship Koden Hachiman Jissen Batto Jutsu Ryu Ryu and Okinawa Mugai Mushokai organized by Sensei and Sensei Olivier Soraya Valleret in their Waryu Dojo in Switzerland. Training led by Sensei Shuji Tomita of Japan. Saturday we practiced the art of Hachiman Ryu and had the opportunity to observe training Sensei Olivier and Soraya where Tomita sensei discuss the technical details of the school Mugai ryu. On Sunday, we dealt with groups of techniques: Goyo, Goka, Goou and hasirigakari. Tomita Sensei focused on key technical and thoroughly reviewed the terms of their execution by presenting their interpretations with a partner. Thank you very much for the invitation, excellent organization and the possibility of joint training. Domo Arigato gozaimasu Sensei!


Source: http://swpw.strefa.pl/swpw/21-22-11-15-dojo-waryu/

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